Custom Bags, mostly for bikes, handmade in Carrboro, NC.

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Hi, I'm Adam, I make custom bags generally related to bicycles out of my mobile workshop-house near Carrboro, North Carolina. I've been sewing bags since 2011, and under the DFL Stitchworks moniker since about 2013, focusing primarily on custom projects. Bags I commonly make are: frame bags, panniers, backpacks, messenger bags, tool rolls, handlebar bags, saddle bags and fanny packs, BUT I’ve made all kinds of random custom things from purses to chairs, so let me know if you have a project in mind.

I’ve dabbled in a lot of the different aspects of cycling, but facilitating getting around on a bike, world-tour or grocery trip, is what keeps my sewing machine a‘clicking. To me, the name DFL (Dead Fucking Last) is more than a nod-wink to the cycling community; slow is good, and racing isn’t the pinnacle of riding bikes. Which is why my bags are generally on the heavier and longer-lasting end of the spectrum.

There are a couple sample projects on this page, along with information on ordering. For news, travels, and more recent bag photos here’s my instagram feed.

ALSO, the hospitality I’ve received from folks while on the road is honestly mind-blowing and I’d love to reciprocate some of that. SO, if you’re bicycle touring through beautiful NC email me if ya need a shower or a floor for a night. Same goes for if you’re making your own bags/gear and want some help!

Where the magic happens:

Adam's House, custom built frame on a trailer.


Bags & adventures: @dflstitchworks