Ordering A Bag

First things first, take a look at some of my previous work to get an idea of the stuff I make and the ballpark prices. As I mentioned, my bags are not generally made of the lightest and newest materials but I can use VX21, sil-nylon and the like if requested. Good ol’ 1000 D Cordura is my go-to due to its price and longevity. Whenever feasible, I use #10 zippers, so let me know if you want smaller ones.

Concerning timing; it's just little ol’ me out here so things can take a little while depending on the project, my waitlist, and if I've been off on a bike trip recently. But the wait generally ranges from 3 days to 2 months, just email me and I’ll let you know.

Still in? Great! Email me describing what you want at adamhb14@gmail.com

I'll get back to you with a timeline and price. At this point it's generally easiest if you include your phone number in the correspondence and I'll call you up to figure out details/colors/etc, sketches are also super helpful.

All prices are based on: $15/hour labor + material costs + shipping, and I’ll let you know my price before I start. I'll ask for partial payment before I start and the remaining before shipment.

Email Me